YAY.. yet another desert dish to compliment the festive season. this time it is white Rasgulla.. I know Rasgulla’s are white only, but this is the way I  have been calling it since childhood to differentiate between Kala Jamun & this.

Anyhow, they are super easy to make at home & sweetness can be controlled the way you want. I remember whenever we used to get Rasgulla from the famous Gosh Mithai9sweet) shop (Kanpur) I used to squeeze all the sugar syrup & then have it as, it used to be ultra-sweet & also I don’t have the sweet tooth.

For this you have to have to make Chena at home, which is also easy to make & I have shared the recipe of that too. So do try these at home, adding the rose water or any other flavouring you like & tag us when you do.

Link of the video is below.


Prep Time: 20 Mins

Cooking Time: 20 mins
Recipe Level: Intermediate
Spice Level: Sweet
Makes: 25 medium size pcs
Shelf Life: Store in airtight container in refrigerator for 2-3 days
Serving Suggestion: Serve slightly cooler than room temperature



1 Big Deep Pan

Cheese Cloth



1 Deep Pan with a lid / Pressure cooker without the whistle

1 Bowl

1 Wide Plate / Mixer


For Chena :

1 lt Full fat milk

4 tbsp Lemon Juice/ Vinegar

For Rasagulla:

4 cup water

1 cup sugar

2 Cardamom (optional)



SUGAR SYRUP (CHASHNI) – Boil 1 cup of sugar & 4 cup of water in a deep pan. Let the sugar dissolve & water come to boil.

You can add Rose Water or Cardamom powder/seeds while making syrup for flavour. Its optional.



  1. In a deep pan boil milk.
  2. Once it completely boils, let it settle for 1 min and then add 1 tsp lemon juice & stir gently. Keep on adding juice till you get the chena & liquid becomes transparent.
  3. Place Cheese cloth on a colander & drain the liquid and wash chena thoroughly to remove any flavour.
  4. Drain the water completely & process the chena in processor for just 3 pulses & not more. This can also be achieved by mashing it by hand but it will take longer. It has to be completely smooth.
  5. Make small round balls with chena & keep aside. Balls should be small as when you dip it in syrup it will double in size.
  6. When making balls, there should be no crack in the balls. If there is , it means you need to dough it little more.
  7. Once all balls are ready & sugar syrup is boiling, gently put balls in the boiling syrup & cover the lid. Let it boil with the syrup for 20 min on  high flame.
  8. After 20 min, Rasgulla should have doubled in size.
  9. Take them out in a bowl & cool it in a refrigerator with the syrup.
  10. Serve them cold.



  • Ensure all the liquid is drained out of chena.
  • Ensure when you mash chena it is soft & not grainy.
  • Rasgulla’s should not have crack when you make them.
  • Use a wide pan for making the rasgullas as they double in size when you boil them in sugar syrup.

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