Yogurt Rice/ Curd Rice

Nothing beats the heat like yogurt rice, it is light on the tum, aids digestion and great way to utilize leftover rice. Yogurt is called curd back home and this is a south indian recipe that has found its way into our hearts and kitchen.  Here is my take on Curd Rice, I hope you... Continue Reading →


After my marriage when I moved to Dubai, I hardly knew anyone . We were invited to Awdhesh's friends house for a party. Since I was meeting everyone for the first time, I thought of baking something. I made my way in to my amazing dubai family with this #chocomousse. Everyone loved this & me... Continue Reading →

Edamame hummus on toast

I came up with this recipe after returning from a long holiday in India, with a pretty much empty fridge staring at me and too tired and lazy to go out, indeed ‘Necessity is the mother of invention’. This is a spin on my favourite dip - the good old lovable hummus! Here, I have... Continue Reading →

Coconut Ladoo

My daughters love coconut ladoos and I make them with no nuts as my elder daughter is allergic to all tree-nuts. Its a quick and easy sweet to make and healthy as well, so it checks all boxes for me as a mom. Prep Time: 5 Mins Cooking Time: 15 mins Rolling time: 10 mins Recipe Level: Easy... Continue Reading →

Simple Oat Porridge

Cooking Time: 15 mins Recipe Level: Easy Serves: 1 Shelf Life: Can be stored in the fridge for a day UTENSILS:  Sauce pan with lid and whisk INGREDIENTS: 4 tbsp of oats 1 tbsp of chia seeds 1-2 cups of water 1 Tsp cup of crushed almond 1 handful of blueberries 1 pinch of cinnamon powder Honey/ Maple Syrup... Continue Reading →

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